Zeno sama universo dragon ball super. Whis states that nobody in this world is greater than Zeno, as the King of All has the power to instantly wipe out anything (or everything) in the blink of an eye without any effort, including individual people, planets, galaxies, and even universes. Achat immédiat +1,90 EUR (livraison) TYPE MINI FIGURINE LEGO SON GOKU DRAGON BALL … During Goku's battle with Bergamo, Future Zeno is surprised by the power of Super Saiyan Blue as his counterpart explains it to him. ¡Novedades del 2020 en oferta! ", ou "Zen'ô" signifie dans le français littéral "Roi de tout", traduit aussi en "Roi de toute chose". Allegiance Zeno is also noted for having taken an immediate liking to Goku due to the Saiyan's often similar childlike, innocent, and naive personality in addition to his tendency to get easily excited about things he finds are out of the ordinary. Vous recevrez 129 points de fidélité ! C’est ce qu’il fit avec les dieux de la destruction des Univers 6 et 7 : Champa et Beerus, qui avaient négligé leur travail et avaient, en plus, organisé un tournoi sans en parler à qui que ce soit. 3. Seiyū par ordre alphabétique (T) 26 mai 2017. He also shows some degree of sadism, as shortly after erasing Universe 9, he proceeded alongside his future counterpart to say "bye-bye!" Manga name 9 novembre 2020. Emportez vos fandoms favoris partout avec vous. À la fois mignon et déroutant, le dieu de tout les univers reste un mystère pour nous ! Le Grand Prêtre les accompagnes dans une autre dimension où le Match d'exhibition Zen. Combien de transformations a Goku ? Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Universe Mission!! At the same time, Zeno is also shown to be flexible, tolerant, and even willing to go back on his word on occasion. He wears a black and white shirt underneath, with the kanji for "all" (全) on the front. "The Winning Universe is Decided!" Partager; Tweet; Google+; Pinterest + 129 pts. Zeno-Sama no solo llegó a Dragon Ball Super como el ser más poderoso en la escala de poder de la franquicia, también demostró tener tecnología de punta a su servicio. Though Beerus claims that Goku's friendship with Zeno is the equivalent of measly entertainment for the all-powerful being, the Omni-King is seen to truly value his friendship with him. However, he does have limits to what he can tolerate. Mascot Zeno comes in three different colours along with his default, with one colour scheme being modelled after the Grand Priest. Throughout the first match of the Zen Exhibition Match, they seem to take a liking to Buu's nature as well, since he is goofy, high-spirited, childish, and playful, much like the Kings of All. Zen'ô (futur) (alter-ego du futur et ami)Grand Prêtre (valet)Assistants de Zen'ô (assistants)Assistants de Zen'ô (futur) (assistants)Son Gokû (ami)BeerusChampaVadosWhis

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