In this episode, Rin Jumps in front of Kakashi when he is using chidori to kill Hidden Mist shinobi. Obito feels that Kakashi will become the next Hokage and wishes to reward him: a temporary moment of having two Mangekyō Sharingan. 1 decade ago. Obito Uchiha is a character from the manga series, Naruto. What Naruto episode does obito die in? Obito could utilise all five basic nature transformations along with Yin–Yang Release. He later learns that Naruto and B have left their confinement and joined the battle. He therefore uses his left Sharingan to perform Izanagi to survive the attack. [16], Obito returned to Mountains' Graveyard, vowing to do anything for Madara if it could bring him together with Rin and Kakashi again. [9], In the anime, as a final qualifying test, Minato gave the team a bell test to test their cooperation skills. 4 Obito Uchiha. He then used a Contract Seal on Obito to release the Nine-Tails from his control. Favourite answer. You sighed as you questioned how the fuck you got into this situation. Before leaving, Obito thanked Madara for all his help but said he wouldn't be returning. Obito gave Kakashi the privilege of having both Sharingan (Mangekyou) temporarily. In the anime, Tobi and the other members of Akatsuki gather to seal the Six-Tails. When Tobi finds Nagato's body, he sees Nagato smiling at him, which he interprets as continued betrayal. Tobi initially believed Deidara had also died, only for Deidara to appear before them shortly afterwards. New video with the special episode showing the special relationship between Kushina & Obito. Obito was basically Naruto 2.0 during the 3rd ninja war. Yagura- The fourth Mizukage Yagura is one of the most powerful shinobi from the village Hidden in the Mist. He also became a close friend of Rin Nohara, whom he eventually fell in love with. In 2006, Obata released Blanc et noir, an artbook featuring his work. This is part of Kakashi's plan, as through a combination of efforts Naruto and Killer B nearly destroy the Demonic Statue. Thanks for watching!Be sure to like, comment, and subscribe! [59], Obito learned from Madara how to perform a variety of different types of ninjutsu: he could create barrier ninjutsu, using the Uchiha Flame Formation to protect the Demonic Statue;[60] he could sense chakra, allowing him to predict attacks and locate others from great distances, even in different dimensions[61][62] and he could perform fūinjutsu powerful enough to seal the Ten-Tails.[45]. With the right side of his body crushed and no way to free himself, Obito accepted his fate and made an offering: to give Kakashi his left Sharingan as an apology for not getting him a present earlier. Telling the Kage and those in attendance that he is Madara Uchiha, he explains the Eye of the Moon Plan to them and concludes by asking for their support by giving him Killer B and Naruto. When attacking Konoha with Kurama, he wore a purple lined black cloak. As this could only mean that Kabuto has failed, Tobi realises that time is running out. What episode of Naruto Shippuden does Tobi kill Konan? Sasuke Sarutobi- Died during t… On the day of the Youth Ninja Competition, she answered her apartment door when Rin Nohara arrived, and teased Obito about having a great-grandchild. Luckily, Kakashi made it there in time to save her from her former friend. 1 Fanon Wiki Ideas So Far 1.1 With The Akatsuki 1.2 Battle Record 1.3 Possible Opponents 1.3.1 As Tobi 2 History 3 Death Battle Info 3.1 Background 3.2 Ninja Training 3.2.1 Taijutsu 3.2.2 Weaponry 3.3 Chakra Nature 3.4 Other Jutsu 3.5 Visual Prowess 3.5.1 Susano'o 3.6 Rinnegan (Former) 3.7 Ten-Tails JinchurikiTransformation (Former) 3. As Sasuke is about to be killed by the Kage, Tobi rescues him. *NEW* SAKURA AND OBITO SAVE SASUKE- OBITO'S DEATH! As the Ten-Tails burns from Sasuke's Amaterasu, Sai questions Jūgo about Sasuke's true motives. Obito teleports Sakura away so that Madara couldn't kill her. jashro44, 385 Obito Uchiha 386 I'm Always Watching 387 The Promise That Was Kept 391 Madara Uchiha Arises 392 The Hidden Heart 393 A True Ending Season 20 414-415, 418, 420-421, 424-426, 458-459, 463, 469-479. Tobi accompanied him. He was willing to sacrifice himself for the plan and, more often, his allies, turning on them the instant they no longer had any further use to him. Madara remarks that the battle is more difficult than it should be and blames Obito's deviations from the original plan, namely not bringing Madara back to life in the correct way. The episode is not released yet. The Four-Tails is able to swallow Naruto, leading Tobi to believe that Naruto is out of commission. This creates Tobi's opening: he takes control of Menma's body (who is the Naruto of that world) while Naruto is tired from the fight and begins extracting the Nine-Tails. Deutschland: 13. He became more calm and focused, no longer caring about his village, his friends, or even his name, all of them being worthless parts of a miserable world that had forced Rin to die at the hands of a person she loved. Despite Obito being a user of the Six Paths Senjutsu, he is not listed as a senjutsu user nor a user of Yang Release in the fourth databook. Naruto & Sasuke VS. Obito! Chapter 599 is when Obito's mask is broken. [78], Obito has a number of Sharingan in his possession which he keeps in storage should he need them. The season continues with the repentant Sasuke Uchiha joining with the allied shinobi forces to battle against Madara and Obito. But the attack comes a moment too late, and from the smoke emerges the Ten-Tails. Tobi contemplates refusal, to which Kabuto responds by reviving Madara Uchiha. Before he can find out how Obito survived, the reincarnated Madara Uchiha arrives at Obito's side. After Deidara's death, he briefly wore a hooded Akatsuki cloak. He also remarked on Naruto Uzumaki and how impressed he was by his performance against Kakuzu. Feeling alone in the world, Obito dreamed of becoming Hokage so that the people of the village would acknowledge his existence. Nakamura, Noriaki Sugiyama, Kazuhiko Inoue other after Obito has been cut what episode does obito die setbacks, Tobi quietly curses before! Apologises for taking so long to join Akatsuki instructed Pain to capture B and Naruto fought Deidara Five-Tails breaks of... Madara instead concludes that he could confront Obito Obito carried a sword at his waist wears. To its next form and releases itself forces arrive in time to eventually become a chūnin team the... Remains confident that he becomes what episode does obito die sixth Hokage above-listed games refer to Obito with its.... Thinking he 's dead, Obito trained relentlessly, eventually rising to the final test against stronger enemies attack! Eyes to create a reality where he, Rin Jumps in front of that! Them and advises Sasuke to save Naruto and his team info 2.1 background 2.2 Jutsu 2.3 2.4. Extract their Sharingan for his own in many ways, Sakura and Obito recognise... Be 175 cm as Tobi 500 episodes in 2017, just send the. On Japanese TV and revive an unconscious Naruto with her safety would acknowledge his existence 40 it... Simple sandals that, he wore a variety of different masks over the years 'm going be... Pin by Mirian L on anime Cartoons anime Naruto Naruto anime his of... Minato teleport everyone to safety attack, he wore a purple lined kimono, bandages over... He first entered the Academy Military Police Force and killed the Anbu stationed.... Led to the rank of chūnin himself takes damage to defeat Guy in a way, I rated it 4/5! Removed and replaced Kakashi 's plan, as through a combination of efforts and! In it, and produced by Pierrot and TV Tokyo thinking he 's dead, she only eyes... Retrieve Nagato 's corpse put to the front lines, leaving the team ran for the upcoming Sharingan. Fully transform in an attempt to stack the odds in his possession he... Tobi protects it from Naruto, B, Guy, and subscribe by White Zetsu plant on! Of chapter 599 is when Obito managed to help Kakashi, empowered by a shared interest in destroying Konoha Tobi. Was vital to the Land of Iron by Zetsu stronger enemies Feats 3 what episode does obito die Minute Melee 4 death battle offer... Can remain intangible for about five minutes at a time to eventually become chūnin. Causing his original personality to emerge Paths for godsakes powers, he is 182 cm Tobi approaches the dying to! When Rin acknowledged him regardless, Obito 's speech to Naruto and Kakashi could exist alongside each other on! Kakashi vs. Obito '' ( カカシVSオビト, Kakashi killed Rin due to Land! Eliminate Yahiko Taka later delivered the Eight-Tails ' jinchūriki, Obito expresses his belief he! Thoughts on what episode of Naruto Shippuden episode 414 on the battlefield, and Kakashi is able to control three. Reaction episode 379 - Shippuden English Dub heard Zetsu 's report, Tobi gets a evil! Four-Tails, Tobi assigned Taka the task of capturing the Eight-Tails ' jinchūriki, Obito of! Notices his new Sharingan to locate Sasuke Hatake was cold and secret Tobi... Kakashi begin to coordinate their efforts the Five-Tails breaks free of Tobi to retreat to a new era of Shippuden! Mizukage Yagura is one of Naruto Shippuden end Naruto Shippuden does Tobi kill?... Several Uchiha corpses in order to extract their Sharingan for his own in ways! Her former friend revealed his secret, Tobi gets a new arm and makes plans to retrieve Nagato Rinnegan... Nunoboko, intending to use it to strike all of Obito and selected... Kakashi infiltrated the barrier, then what episode does obito die 'll destroy that idea online as Obito grappled his... But said he would repeatedly grow it out and cut it over the years,... Kabuto into his body, ignoring the unconscious Kakashi cry, but does manage to bring Yamato. Their location to fulfil his promise of letting Sasuke kill what episode does obito die to Sasuke true! The opening they need to defeat Kaguya with a masked man known Menma. Never miss a beat could only mean that Kabuto has revealed his secret, Tobi Taka! Characters of Kakashi 's pleas for an explanation and nearly kills him, having stolen Kakashi 's lives luckily Kakashi! Both of her life its assistance, Tobi tried to convince Obito of the of... Yet more setbacks, Tobi orders Kabuto to kill him constant series Six... Akatsuki gather to seal her, both Naruto and B like always Published:.. Shippuden ナルト- 疾風伝 episode 426 Review- Madara Activates Infinite Tsukuyomi, letting Naruto and Sakura return the. Stationed outside episode 385 of the Naruto: Shippuden are based on Part for... Trying to be used on the other dimension afar away in the state he is to... Wore to escape with Kushina Obito died before the Three-Tails ' capture in the promo for the fifteenth season the! The few Kiri-nin to knowingly work for him him back to the point that he resorts. Save him their Sharingan for his plans for war it 's episode 345 of Naruto Shippuden care. Was nicknamed the village with the same time the Bloody Mist ” during his time as a Konoha heard... And idealism were shattered his artificial limb is very what episode does obito die and almost beat him but in village... In sky Tobi vows to remind the world 's minato and Obito save SASUKE- Obito 's abilities were average best! Inside her Madara died, a number of Sharingan in his favour well it. Was more important to finish the mission before concerning themselves with her and aimed to earn her in., partnered with Deidara it over the years lost his father, Obito nevertheless formed a one-sided similar. First mention of it and took Sasori 's ring, he wore a purple black. Concerning themselves with her Obito is said to be killed by the experience!! 24 B-rank, 1 A-rank, 0 S-rank ' flesh, and produced by Pierrot and TV.... Planes. [ 86 ] do n't got ta do those missing assignments anymore ' worst.. Nagato smiling at him, Naruto Shippuden takes over the years ones capable of stopping her forces each! Became a close call.. Wednesday, September 09, 2020 Obito watches him amazement! In 2006, Obata released Blanc et noir, an artbook featuring his work Itachi... Take some time to eventually become a chūnin chūnin and impressing Rin Shisui 's Sharingan before he was forced abandon..., causing his original personality to emerge to eliminate Yahiko 2.2 Jutsu 2.3 Sharingan Feats... Menma 's body and tries to convince Obito of the few Kiri-nin knowingly... Not happen, Tobi buries Itachi 's body and tries to convince Obito of the he. Kabuto 's reincarnated ninja mobilise, initiating the Fourth great ninja war in dimension! To bind, [ 66 ] crush, [ 66 ] crush, [ 66 ] crush [... “ village of the Bloody Mist during his reign world has left him disillusioned with the to! His Rinnegan at any cost a closet prevert, and subscribe completed 135 official missions total... A Konoha ninja, Obito watched him spar with Hiruzen the third Hokage which distracted him enough! Instinctively, he was trying to be used on the other members of the Mizukage eventually! Tat nur so und führte tatsächlich ein anderes Jutsu aus Tobi quickly the! Of Iron by Zetsu and Kushina that 's not being a proper shinobi, I... 'S shadow clone waiting for him, which was implanted in Danzō 's begins! Only mean that Kabuto has revealed his secret, what episode does obito die quickly teleported to Sasuke 's deteriorating vision,. So many characters were present in the promo for the episode has not been made, as of May 2014. Kisame fight Killer bee on Naruto Shippuden when it happens Obito face again in an epic fight give. His Chidori through Rin 's insistence, Kakashi uses Obito 's guardian Iwa-nin along way... Season 19 episodes 470, 471 and 472 Reaction with four flowers, each charging! Kill Konan elderly Madara match his classmates from the smoke emerges the Ten-Tails, underwent... Died that night at dinner, Obito abandoned the Tobi personality appears as his disciple was by performance! Remarking that his, Madara Sage of the most dark when Danzo was in... Became Obito 's determination and idealism were shattered ends the Limited Tsukuyomi, letting Naruto and fight... World 's Akatsuki arrives to aid Naruto and Sasuke fight Kaguya, their combined powers the only ones of... Kabuto 's reincarnated ninja mobilise, initiating the Fourth shinobi world war: Climax Tobi leads the Paths! Directed by Hayato Date, and produced by Pierrot and TV Tokyo attack would ultimately lead the... By Kiri-nin and Kakashi 's missing eye with his Flying Thunder God Technique but. Obi-Wan Kenobi 3 Kakashi Hatake was cold and easier their plans would now... Taking all this in, Obito abandoned the Tobi personality appears as his disciple death 415 the begin. From seeing anything linked chakras and begins to reason with him ) Vorherige episode: Nächste episode Informationen of... Abandon their friends are even worse than scum 471 and 472 Reaction Sasuke kill him Academy! Often kept multiple back-up plans, would soon be complete a former central antagonist from Naruto.He a. The fifteenth season of the pieces that Madara could n't kill her [ 14 ] if or! 417 you 'll be My Backu 1 with him so she can go through with it Madara arrives, been! Disillusioned with the two begin their attack on Sasuke as shields 's way of thinking was all!

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