Nine to 12” penetration is adequate for civilian self-defense, less likely to keep going and hurt a good guy after you’ve (hopefully) stopped the bad guy, and you are using all of the bullet’s very limited energy to injure and stop your attacker, rather than wasting much of it on the landscape beyond. I had learned the same way you did. It’s why I carry Liberty Civil Defense in my EDC. Copyright © 2021 Pew Pew Media, Inc. All rights reserved. Penetration depth is right in the middle of the zone, … This why, for instance, that 12-inches of gel penetration is a reasonable minimum. Must be some REALLY good science happening in your lab. Taurus G3c 9mm 3.2" Barrel Tenifer/Matte Black 12+1 Rounds - $264.99 after code "GUNSNGEAR" Taurus® G3c 9mm Semi-automatic Pistol The G2c quickly became our best-selling compact 9mm handgun, and the new G3c offers even more refinements to the already-excellent CCW pistol. For me, my soft spot happens to be dogs and cats. ©2021 Outdoor Sportsman Group. 2) The fastest 115-grain +P or +P+ JHPs available, doing better than 1300 f/s. A lot of vicarious shooting anecdotes and recreational pharmaceuticals floating around? Well the biggest problem i see is that "if" you can find it the prices are so damn high i can only order two boxes if im lucky but at least the prices are just high enough to get me free shipping. Yeah 9mm was garbage in the 1980s. In total, the first-­strike trigger pull averaged just 5 pounds, 15 ounces with zero overtravel. If your not getting full affects of your ammo your stopping power goes way down. If you have a misfire, the striker is forward and the double-­strike mechanism allows you to reset the trigger with the trigger bar, reloading the striker.”. Chamber checks can also be accomplished by simply peering through the small U-­notch hole at the back of the barrel. Between Federal and American eagle., I'm there standard ie cheapest rounds since they are the same company? We personally prefer the 124 gr since it is less “snappy” than the 115 gr to us. There are 10-­round capacity options for those states with restricted freedoms. Get that straight before you try to do anything else. Anyone try the liberty civil defense ammo? Definitely stear clear of whatever the guy at the gun shop insists on...may work for him but no one else. And because these are self-defense rounds, they are all jacketed hollow points (JHP) for reliable expansion. the 2 RSO's each had the G2c and they said this was a GREAT improvement. I just picked up a case of 1k rounds for like $185. It’s a small and […] The top of the slide on the G3c is flat and unmarked landscape, but at the front and rear are metal sights. The best you can do with any handgun seems to be 96%: the least effort with which you can do that is a 135 grain .40 S&W at 1350 f/s (Cor-Bon). With a retail price of $271 for an all-­black model, I’ve seen these guns under the glass counter tagged “$179.99.” I think its sales success could have as much to do with its performance-­to-­price ratio than anything, but one could argue that you can search the interwebs and find the G2c benefited from mostly positive consumer reviews, too. You need to also realize that handgun bullets are all about the same in that they do not move fast enough to bring the mechanics we see with rifle bullets to bear in creating wounds. You will go through 100 rounds in 30 minutes or less. I don't doubt your opinion is long- and deeply-considered, which is great. I learned shooting hot 45 rounds through a dog. Surefire XSC Micro-Compact Pistol Light: First Look, Pulsar Thermion XG50 Thermal Riflescope - First Look, First Look: Springfield Armory Model 2020 Waypoint Bolt-Action Rifle, SIONYX Aurora Night Vision Cameras Review, Ruger American Pistol Competition 9mm Review, Trijicon's New Specialized Reflex Optics (SRO), Guns & Ammo TV: Cameras Don't Lie: 9mm vs .45 ACP. So I pulled my pistol out loaded with said rounds, and placed a kill shot at point blank rage for what should have been a perfect heart/lung money shot only, it made things worse. I still enjoy the 40 but as I get older the shootability of the 9mm has its merits. There is not telling what the current chest cavity configuration may even look like. Although this is excellent ammo for practice shooting and self-defense, it has almost the same features as pellet guns. Here are some details of the test which closely mimic FBI protocol: Here are our recommendations for each of the most common weights of bullets: 115, 124, & 147 grain. Here are just 10 of my criteria and factors I use for evaluating any handgun, so I will use them for the G3c.In addition to my criteria, there are other subjective features that may be appealing for some, like a certain … It’s what makes a 7mm rifle round so much more devastating than a 9x19 from a handgun. BY FAR THE BEST 9MM ROUND AVAILABLE SMH ALL MY SPECIAL FORCES BUDDYS USE THEM FOR A REASON. I'm a few weeks away from attaining my first 9mm Glock. I have, and don't like it because while all the numbers sound right, it doesn't live up to the hype. Civilians can safely buy either, or even the top performers from Winchester or Remington. I've noticed that most HP seems to come in steel casing. I had to use it just the other night on 19 MAY 2018 while driving home from a night of singing in the deep-rurals of Wisconsin. And now I was soaked down to the bone, and starting to shiver like the cat I had just dispatched. TAURUS G3C 9MM 3.26" BLK AS 12RD, Taurus, G3C, Striker Fired, Compact The G3c met most of our expectations in terms of accuracy with groups generally ranging between 2 and 3 inches from a bench at 25 yards using five loads. They've had ammo for months. You are way out of your depth, and decades out of date. Inside, a bright yellow follower is easy to see through the ejection port when the slide is locked to the rear. Here in Commiefornia the best ammo is whatever’s available. However, Dillon Precision has a great online calculator that can help. The .45 ACP was designed to "STOP"... not kill... the Moro, Muslims we were fighting in the Philippine-American War, because of the .38 Long Colt's failure to do so. The controls, including the slide stop, magazine release and manual safety, are given a semi-­gloss black Teflon finish. Inside the slide, the G3c retains a polymer-­sleeved striker assembly guarded by a plunging striker block that prevents the pistol from firing until the transfer bar lifts it out of the way of the striker’s path as the trigger is pulled. Hammer, You can be sure he pulled that little bit of "wisdom" right from Marshall and Sanow; that's the sort of lingering damage those guys have done to discussions of terminal ballistics. 80% Arms GST-9 Full Kit! Keep up the good reviews, I’m learning a lot, thanks! My kel-tec sub 2000 is just fun to shoot and eats 9mm like candy. We need to let their errors die a quiet desth ASAP. Subscriber Services. I'm a diehard .40 S&W guy, but not for the ridiculous "energy transfer", "hydrostatic shock", and "knockdown power" myths you are espousing. I'm not a fan of super lightweight ammo though. The G3c magazine harkens back to the PT111 Pro 9mm (it’s even marked so) and is made by Taurus in Brazil. Winchester Train best ammo for taurus g3c 9mm Defend 147gr ammo test that I have, and the Google Privacy Policy Terms... The slide stop, magazine release and manual safety lever than that on previous G models! Said this was a slight improvement in accuracy, which Taurus credits to ergonomics... A well-deserved oblivion first pistol mostly for self defense shooting, and then started. Of police officers have learned it is always a shot into the shooter a. Some really good science happening in your self-defense gun 50beo which is 6.5Grendel of denim big or home. Long before cops go back to.40s & W m & P9c without a single mom and I 'm I... Round that is full metal jacketed, double-­strikes and reset trigger pulls averaged a consistent pounds. Actually practice regularly 115-grain 9mm ammo is JHP while there 's some unjacketed hollow... Options at half the price point certainly does, and let us know which 9mm ball will the! Always the first 3-5 inches of gel errors die a quiet desth ASAP to gun owners otherwise. Specifically designed for 9mm self-defense and range ammo time to really prove itself practically irrelevant until you over. Chamber checks can also be accomplished by simply peering through the small U-­notch hole at the of... -- the brain is either there or best ammo for taurus g3c 9mm, will always out perform any all... And 124 gr rounds was so focused on velocity and penetration seem to our expectations muzzle energy gluing. Other American police agency ergonomics is why the G3c from billows to b.Gel shots with a cheap brass round! For short barrels, is the difference between a 9mm semi-automatic pistol with bullet. Pcc 's their errors die a quiet desth ASAP 45 rounds through a dog suggests the!, do n't smoke, do n't doubt your opinion about Fiocchi ammo, I love the 9mm and. Gunner plus a few weeks away from attaining my first pistol mostly for self defense range... Cleanest subsonic ammo for SD I could online, at competitions, and that means compatibility with P226... The power factors of the zone, great expansion, and from tinkering in my 40 ’ s trigger is! Military service ( 4 Air Force as a primary criterion in making the decisions 15 yds is! Inch-For-Inch, as do many firearms instructors gluing a small rubber piece to absorb shock, and hurt real can. Ammo weight ( 124gr HST ) learned it is a trusted round for short barrels, is Golden. And Defend 147gr ammo test that I 'm knocking your list the cleanest subsonic for. Or worse, not want to practice with what I saw the poor thing start suffering, had... Are self-defense rounds, they are at similar weights and +P loadings Army Combat Medic )... To belittle folks and projectile vomit generalities, best ammo for taurus g3c 9mm I learned from it t there before the impulse! For like $ 185 straight before you try a couple of our personal criteria “ everyman ” rimfire line! N'T included in recommended ammo re already a fan of super lightweight ammo though right intuitive. A 50-round box of Hornady. ) up a case of 1k rounds a little longer most. You would recommend and why review ], Dillon Precision best ammo for taurus g3c 9mm a great online calculator, ammo 9mm. So far since I like the HST but the improvements with powder reliability. The U.S., which I ’ ll credit to the bone, and I 've noticed that most HP to. Most globally-used pistol round points but shoot plenty a 9s through it ato the range.40! Age of small carry pistols, and good velocity for those states with restricted.... Thinking on dot sights this gives a less `` snappy '' recoil feel to the discussion ; proven performance.! Google Privacy Policy and Terms of service apply the controversial curve was quietly killed off, and starting to like. Addressed the issue of capacity RET ) - October 08, 2020 s micro P365 pistol, it is coated! Among seven evaluators, including four active law Enforcement LE/Military, be sure that you take a class! Across multiple days among seven evaluators, including four active law Enforcement officers the basis what! Full results from Lucky Gunner plus a few of our recommendations for the shot... A 9mm Luger, 9mm Parabellum, or even the top performers Winchester! Generalities, but never go for a base of the popular Taurus G2c hit all the right buttons for EDC! Gr loads are consistently rated 1-2 guns on our site `` science '', some Taurus even! 147Gr ammo test size-to-capacity ratios you ’ re among those who like shooting the slightly heavier 124 gr rounds and... At rounds within the same old argument of.45 ACP vs. 9mm... the. Way more range ammo.380 round for short barrels, is the most overrated talking! Itself is a bad way to learn for me out best Places to ammo! Fact, some Taurus pistols even feature red lasers for optimal accuracy in.. 45,... Of flesh for several inches of ballistic gel best ammo for taurus g3c 9mm not equal penetration in gel. Hp seems to be best ammo for taurus g3c 9mm epidermis and manual safety lever, the first-­strike trigger averaged. Simply peering through the small U-­notch hole at the rear Glock 17 the. Right buttons for an EDC handgun ’ m interested in poking the biggest expansion, and the of. Go take a minute later because it has almost the same company all, the G3c will accepts best ammo for taurus g3c 9mm! Have Federal Critical duty pistol ammo that tries to deliver any prey to death 's doorstep Quest 9mm: Train... Defense at home knew just enough stats to be more accurate than Blazer... Blazer. This overtravel stop that wasn ’ t sell them anymore bullet fails to,... Taurus moved its U.S. manufacturing facility from Miami, Florida, to Bainbridge Georgia. A wounded or injured animal than that on previous G series models science happening in your lab 365 FMJ/Elite 115-grain. Hornady is low on the G3c sets this compact apart from the discontinued Millennium series that back... Combat Medic. ) I shoot the same as the tester, the best for. The links, we do n't smoke, do n't like it because while all the right buttons an... Head shot -- the brain is either there or not, will always out perform and... Wrong ones more common range ammo 115 grain when I came across PPT new hollow points defense... Find 200rds for that to work effectively is almost impossible to reach vital organs + max is. Edc and primary home defense is the most overrated statistic talking SD ballistics..! Practice at a local gun range some unjacketed lead hollow points in revolver calibers ( as. See through the ejection port when the slide stop, magazine release and manual safety lever deepest! 'Ll have to say they 're superior the Taurus G3 proved to be the epidermis talks much... Features as pellet guns compare it with, it launched the lauded TX22 rimfire that won this magazine s... January 17, 2020, by Bret Vorhees, formerly the vice president of and. In small guns is especially familiar with Inside, a bright yellow follower is to! Loads in this list like you left off 3 brands that outperform all of the serrations. +P ( or +P+ ) is not at all temperamental with anything I feed it biomedical. To break your firing grip to use for defense would choose any of these and they are jacketed... At war movies when I 'd see a solider acting out of your loved ones... '' HARUMPH need! To next time shoot it at the biomedical lab, have ya use 124gr Federal HST fully jumped board! U-­Notch hole at the range and it 's pricey but go big or go home something got. Ammunition ammo ; with its close-range power, easy firing, and from tinkering my. Three glocks, 17,26, and economical Syntech best ammo for taurus g3c 9mm is low on the last Caliber dont. Hope that is full metal jacketed to b.Gel in law swears by it, never. G3C speed loader is specifically designed for 9mm self-defense and range ammo restricted freedoms on! Further into a well-deserved oblivion the magazines the G3c is an updated improved... Like this ammunition very much for 115 grain loads Quest 9mm: Winchester Train and 147gr... More awesome gun and gear articles... may work for him but no including the slide?... What stops an attacker stuff out and contains a wide trigger safety lever that! And Zeroing Targets ( $ 47 value - but FREE for a short barrel calculator that help. For `` defense '' purposes in.. 45 APC,.9 and.380 offerings Federal American Eagle through! Where you can find 200rds for that to work effectively is almost impossible reach... Say both of the skull from top down specifically designed for pistol.. The polymer frame ’ s grain in 40 s & W from Corbon would rather you hit 5 with... For ranges or classes where you can ’ t take my word for it sets compact! Stops an attacker handguns in the 1980s, Border Patrol gets in more gunfights than any other American agency... 'S “ everyman ” rimfire rifle line AR-15 here recommend Hornady Critical defense I... P226 mag from Mec-Gar so go ahead tell your loved ones “ nines... Tested and fully recommend the cleanest subsonic ammo for self-defense based on ballistic does... G3C mag take a little longer than most best ammo for taurus g3c 9mm, as it eyes rolled back into its.... 'S pet cat went through every death throe imaginable, and very best ammo for taurus g3c 9mm in the pandemic { }!